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CCTV Video Surveilliace syystems Systems


Hiawatha's CCTV Video Surveillance

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We are a Authorized Gen IV Technology Dealer

Selling CCTV Syytems for Do-It- Yourself

or Installed Systems 

You Need the following for a complete system

#1,  A CCTV DVR for the number of cameras you need

#2.  A Power Supply to power all the Cameras

#3. Cameras of your Choice

#4. Cables - Available   with Connectors attached for Do-it-yourself

#5.  A Monitor  of your choice

#6. Installation or do it yourself

Call for prices


G4-LT  Available in a 4 and 8 Camera Systems

The G4-LT Series is a small business class DVR offering advanced H.264

real-time encoding without sacrificing video quality and reliability prevalent

in the economy DVR class. Attractive, marketable mini 1U case is ideal for

installations where space is a premium. This unit even offers one channel audio

and RS 485 for those installations desiring PTZ control from their embedded DVR system.

 The versatile video output circuit allows simultaneous VGA and BNC signaling which

allows up to two monitors to be used without investing in after market equipment.

Economical, yet very powerful.

Our LT series features advanced processor power and functionality allowing

separate sub-streaming functionality. Sub-streaming allows local recording to

be archived to the installed hard disk drive maintaining 1cif@30fps, or

 D1@6fps video quality. Set substream bandwidth to maximize your

 internet speed without sacrificing local recordings. Ideal for smart phone utlilization.

Included with every unit is the latest client software with advanced

 color coding smart search.

The included CMS software is ideal for franchise owners that can preload

up to 200 unique DVR systems and control/view from a single software platform.

 Or, the new advanced GUI facilitates simple connectivity via Internet

Explorer allowing remote access using any internet connected device.

Simply the most powerful, reliable, feature packed economy DVR available.


 4 Channel DVR with 500 GB Hard Drive 

8 Channel DVR with 500 GB or 1 TB Hard Drive 



The G4-HDE Business DVR available in 4, 8, and 16 Cameras Systems

The G4-HDE DVR     High Definition DVR

The G4 HD-E is a business class digital video recorder offering enterprise

class features, which puts in into a class of its own. The G4 HD-E utilizes H.264

 hardware compression, which is the same as our popular JS series DVRs.

The unit has HDMI, VGA and composite monitor outputs, which can all

 be used simultaneously. 

HDMI and VGA outputs can support resolutions as high as 1280 x 1024,

1280 x 720 and 1024 x 768 for live viewing. The G4 HD-E can record

 real-time video at CIF resolution on every channel and up to four audio

recorded channels. The 4 and 8-Channel and can record 1 channel at full D1

resolution while the 16 channel can record 2 channels at full D1 This can be

utilized for a high priority camera such as a cash register or main entrance. 

The G4 HD-E offers network sub-streaming, enabling you to configure just

 the network functionality to your assigned upload speed without degrading the

 record quality. This feature was previously available only in our top end

enterprise class units. The compact form factor allows installations in

virtually any environment. 

Included with every unit is a new and improved version of Client Software,

 which will also be compatible with our complete line of JS series DVRs.

You are not limited to using the Client Software however, because this unit can also

be accessed using the embedded Internet Explorer feature. Considering

all these features; HDMI, network sub streaming, multiple hi definition

main monitor outputs at a price that can’t be beat,

 you won’t find another DVR that compares.


Four (4) Channel DVR with 500 GB Hard Drive


Eight (8) Channel DVR with 1 TB Hard Drive


Sisteen (16) Channel DVR with 1 TB Hard Drive 




Available in 4, 8, and 16 Channel Systems

The latest addition to our line.

Full D1 Dual Core 1.5U HD DVR.

Our new full D1 @ 30fps each channel

The G4-DCX

is the most powerful 1.5U DVR available
The 1.5U Case 
2 Internal SATA

Connections allow up to 6TB storage

 New dual-core processing facilitates advanced

surveillance features at a price no one can match.

Offering D1 at competitors 1CIF pricing  provide the most powerful

solution available,  with the most reliable platform on

 the market.
Same software interface,  same smartphone/iPad

 functionality on a proven platform gives you the peace

of mind necessary in today’s competitive marketplace.

The new dual-core processor adds:
All channel synced playback including
rewind and fast forward.
Audio over HDMI using a single
 cable interface.
Color Coded motion/trigger advanced
bar search feature.
True 1080P Certified HDMI Output
(gorgeous image quality)
The only HDMI Licensed/Approved Security
 DVR Available
Certified ,  Tested.


Industry leading 3 year warranty
 including the Hard Disk Drive
Four (4 Channel DVR with 500 GB Hard Drive  
   Eight (8) Channel DVR with 500GB or 1 TB Hard Drive
Sixteen (16) Channel DVR with 1 TB Hard Drive
Available in  32 Channel Systems

Full D1 Dual Core 2U HD DVR.

Building on our Innovative and Revolutionary G4-RTAHD-D1

 platform Gen IV is pleased to announce our latest innovation —

The G4-DCXPRO. Now offering up to 32 Channels!

With the market’s first & fastest Dual-Core processor.

Featuring a Setup-Wizard for the intial Configuration of the DVR,

 Universal Plug-n-Play for Compatible Routers

(eliminating the tedious Port-Forwarding process),

Full High-Definition 1080p Display & Audio through-HDMI Cable,

Full D1 recording on All Channels at 30FPS.

The new Search feature allows the user to quickly and easily

find the video they’re looking for. All Channel Synchronous

 playback allows you to review evidence from all cameras at

the same time. The new HDD Groups feature allows you to

 choose what channels record on which harddrives.

Dual Core Processor

UPnP w/Compatible Routers

Full D1 on All Channels

Hi-Def 1080p Display 

Audio via HDMI Cable 

New Setup Wizard for the initial Configuration of the DVR

All new Search & Playback Functionality & Interface

New HDD Groups allow you to determine which channel 

 records to which HDD

Smart Video Detect (Motion Detect, Camera Blank & Video Loss)

Support for G4 3D Intelligent Zoom using our G4-SDX PTZ

New On-Screen Keyboard

Smart Phone Support

Four (4)  Channel DVR with 500 GB Hard Drive and DVD-RW  

Eight (8) Channel DVR with 500 GB or 1 TB Hard Drive and DVD-RW  

Sixteen (16) Channel DVR with 1 TB Hard Drive and DVD-RW 

Thirty Two (32) Channel DVR with 1 TB hard Drive and DVD-RW   



  • Power Supplies

  • Single (1) Channel Power for 1 Camera 

    Four (4) Channel Power Supply   

    Nine (9) Channel Power Supply

    Eighteen (18) Channel Power Supply 


    Cables (premade for Self install

    25 Ft. 

    50 Ft,

    75 Ft.

    100 Ft. 

    150 Ft.

    200 Ft.

    When you purchase with installation we use bulk

    RG59 and power wires attached and install connectors

    on site. This can save you money as we charge only

    for the footage we use.



    Cameras are available in many different types.

    You need to use the chart below to detetmine the lens you need for where you

    want to see and the width at that distance.

    Camers come with fixed lens and  lens adjustable at time of installation.

    HSC 27P

    2.8-12mm lens 700TVL 135 FT. in Darkness



    G4_CWX 600

    2.8-12mm lens 600TVL  100 FT in Darkness






    Many more Cameras available